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Building competition INFORMATION

on Thu Jan 04, 2018 4:24 pm
Our building competition will start on UNKNOWN.
Awarding is at 21:30 - 21:45
It depends on when the voting is over.

Building competition´s topic is: UNKNOWN


I place -  30 days Premium
II place - 100000 IG money
III place - 50000 IG money

How you can vote for your favourite build?

Voting is going to start at 21:00. At "Information and notices" you will see a post named "Building competition´s voting", where you just comment a name of your favourite builder´s name.
You can´t vote for yourself!

The voting will end at 21:30!

If there´s a situation where:
1. player got 3 votes he is the winner!
2. Player got 1 vote
3. Player got 1 vote
4. Player got 1 vote

Then our team starts voting in 10 point system.
When points are completely counted, we will find out the second and third places.
P.S Every builder will be awarded with 10000 IG money.
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