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Introduction server

on Tue Jan 30, 2018 11:40 am
Welcome to RevalMC (1.12.2) international minecraft server!

Our opportunities

1. AutoRANK  - You can get ranks with time. To get VIP you need playtime 7 days. After VIP you can get Elite rank, what required 23 day playtime after ger VIP rank.
If you dont want wait for it, you can get rank faster. You can donate for ranks.
2. ShopGUI - You can buy and sell items everywhere in survival just using command /shop. You dont need teleport or going somewhere to buy or sell items.
3. Jobs - You can pick your job using command /jobs browse and /jobs join. Every player can do max 3 jobs. You can change or leave jobs using command /jobs leave.
With jobs you can develop you job XP and earn money.
4. /Trade - You can trade safe with players.  
5. /ah - You can sell rare items in Auction.


1. SkyPVP
2. PVP arena
3. MobArena


1. Survival (Difficulty level: NORMAL, Worldwide PVP: off)
2. Creative (Free access to everyone. World type: FLAT)
3. Faction

Every player opinion and feedback is importnant. We build server by feedback and how players likes. Also, we have friendly crew members and carefully choose members to Staff. If you need help, Staff member always help you. If some staff member do something wrong, not helped you, act with you arrogantly, you can always file a complaint.

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