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Apply info

on Thu Jan 04, 2018 9:41 pm
Status: Open
Available space: 1

Requirements for candidate.

    * Your english langage is medieval level.* Correct behaviorin the server.* You played in RevalMC server minimum 7 days.* Candidate not allowed be a staff member in other minecraft server.

You are perfect candidate, if:

  • You are fair.
  • You are reliable, you know what you are doing.
  • You can act and independently make decisions.
  • You can to be responsible of your acts and decisions.
  • You can keep up your cold nerves in every situations.
  • You are chopper. Can bring good ideas, what us good for server.
  • You have earlier experience as a staff member.
  • You have good build skills.  


  • Your IG name 
  • Age 
  • Earlier experiences as a staff member  
  • Rate your english language in 10 ball system
  • Pictures/videos about you'r constructed buildings [Optional]
  • Why we should choose exactly you? (Text need be contain 60 words).
  • Other(what we have know about you)

Candidate rules:

  • Application must be created in this subforum. Form: "Apply to Helper/Moderator - Your IG name".
  • In case, if you application rejected, you can apply again 7 days after vote result.
  • Firstly you can apply to helper.  Apply to moderator can be possible 30 days after get Helper rank.


Before place application to vote, RevalMC managers will looks over your application. If needed, ask addition questions.  
Our recommendation: Be with your application omprehensive, befire you send application, check your application 2 times. Be a fair, don't try lie or maximise you'r ego.

If managers is correct and approved it, application placed to vote.  (In application title you will see [Vote] prefix, if application approved.

Every member can  vote for candidats.  You can voting "By him" or "against". Please reason your decision.
Required "by him" votes: 5

Recognition to staff
Welcome to RevalMC staff member. Every candidate get 7 days period time.  We will test you.
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